At our academy, our team of seasoned coaches possesses a unique ability to seamlessly integrate both beginner and advanced jiu-jitsu techniques, resulting in a comprehensive and well-rounded skill set for our members. With years of experience in the art of jiu-jitsu, our coaches serve as mentors, guiding individuals towards their fullest potential.

By joining our classes, you not only gain access to top-tier instruction but also become part of a supportive and inclusive community. Here, you'll find camaraderie, encouragement, and a shared passion for growth and improvement. Together, we'll help you unleash your potential and thrive in every aspect of your jiu-jitsu journey.


    Meet Professor Ali Khatibi, the head coach of our team and lead instructor of our Women’s Self-Defense Program. With a black belt in jiu-jitsu and a background as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, Professor Khatibi brings a wealth of experience to the mat. Having competed in the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) and having several years of experience in martial arts, he is dedicated to imparting his knowledge and expertise to empower individuals through the art of jiu-jitsu and self-defense.


    Introducing Coach Philip Alegre, our head coach and the lead instructor of our adult jiu-jitsu program. With a brown belt in jiu-jitsu and a fervent dedication to competition, Coach Philip is a formidable presence both locally and internationally. Recently, he has showcased his skills in the 2023 Marianas Open in Guam and the 2023 1st Annual Copa Dumau in Cebu, solidifying his reputation as a seasoned competitor. Coach Philip brings invaluable expertise to the mats, guiding students towards excellence in their jiu-jitsu journey.


    Meet Coach Luis Mison, our no-gi program lead instructor. With a brown belt in jiu-jitsu, Coach Luis delivers detailed and technical lessons in no-gi grappling. Having joined multiple competitions such as the Rollapalooza, Pan Asians, and the Carlson Gracie Cup, he is a standout figure in no-gi. Since 2018, his focus is on teaching and he does this with passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.


    Meet Coach Gio Poblador, our brown belt instructor for basic jiu-jitsu classes and member of the Philippine National Team. With a patient and clear teaching style, Coach Gio provides fundamental techniques while sharing valuable insights into jiu-jitsu. As a competitor, Coach Gio recently showcased his skills at the 2023 World Cup Beach Competition in Thailand. His classes cater to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, ensuring engagement for all.


    Introducing Coach David Mendoza, our lead instructor for the kids' program, a proficient purple belt in jiu-jitsu, and a member of the Philippine National Team. With a passion for teaching and a knack for making learning enjoyable, Coach David brings a wealth of experience to our mats. As a seasoned competitor, he has represented the team both locally and abroad, culminating in his impressive triple-gold win at the 2024 ASJJF Dumau Competition in Manila.


    Meet Coach Marlo, a brown belt and esteemed coach of Kazoku Jiu Jitsu, an affiliate of Lucas Lepri. With branches in Quezon City and Mandaluyong City, Coach Marlo brings a wealth of experience to his role. A seasoned jiu jitsu coach, he has showcased his skills on the stage, competing in prestigious events such as the Abu Dhabi AJP Tour, Pan Asia Jiu Jitsu Competition, and the IBJJF Manila International.


    Introducing Coach Carina Marasigan, a dedicated purple belt instructor at Kazoku Jiu Jitsu, proudly affiliated with Lucas Lepri. Specializing in both kids and adult classes, Coach Carina brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role. She has showcased her skills on the competitive circuit, participating in esteemed events such as the IBJJF Nationals, Rolla Palooza, and IBJJF International Open.